Ad-hoc coaching vs structured coaching

Ad-hoc coaching sessions are now being offered as an alternative to structured coaching. Ad-hoc life coaching, also known as (On-Demand life coaching) is only 25-minutes long and very cost-effective.

To begin with, I usually work with a client within a specific framework, whether it’s several sessions, a particular model, or a duration. As part of this coaching process, the client is provided with consistent guidance and usually has a specific goal they want to achieve.

While I recommend structured and consistent coaching, it may not be appropriate for everyone. However, structured coaching accelerates a client’s progress and helps them achieve their goals on time.

For individuals who are pressed for time or experiencing immediate challenges, ad-hoc coaching can be helpful. In ad-hoc coaching, a coach is available temporarily based on your needs. This type of coaching is also known as Touchpoint sessions

Ad-hoc coaching is becoming very popular. 

A study by Coaching Research Institute LLP showed that the most popular length of coaching time for coaching sessions was between 30–39 minutes. The second most popular time was between 60-69 minutes.

What were the results of shorter sessions when compared to longer ones?

It turns out that a more extended period is not much more beneficial than a shorter period. Furthermore, according to another UK study, awareness may decrease with more extended coaching conversations.

The goal of on-demand coaching is to provide each participant with intensive, one-on-one coaching sessions to address their particular challenge. A session’s outcomes will include one or more of the following:

  • Clarity around a challenge
  • Awareness of obstacles
  • Shift in mindset
  • Commitment to taking one action step

How do clients feel after an on-demand coaching session?

Following an on-demand coaching session, clients reported feeling:

  • A sense of relief after making a decision that involved several options
  • Thrilled to develop a plan to complete a long-simmering project
  • Confident in initiating a challenging conversation
  • Feeling relieved after identifying what had held them back
  • Heard and valued

Why would you use Ad-hoc life coaching?

Emergency or One-off Situations: Ad-hoc coaching can be particularly effective when dealing with a job or family crisis, having trouble controlling someone or something, or needing to prepare for an important interview or meeting.

Tight Schedules: You may not be able to take longer sessions because of work or personal obligations. However, you may want to do ad-hoc coaching, allowing you to progress toward your goals in smaller steps.

Over the Hurdles: You feel you have made sufficient progress toward your goals since finishing the structured coaching, but you may want to check in periodically to maintain the momentum.

Ad-hoc coaching covers the same topics as constant coaching; the only difference is that it has a flexible schedule that may work for you.

How does ad-hoc life coaching work?

An individual 25-minute coaching session involves identifying the participant’s goal, options for progressing and potential obstacles.

As a result, the participant gains clarity and a confident understanding of their situation by exploring it from a different perspective.

The coach does not provide unsolicited advice or assistance. Instead, the coach directs the conversation such that the client experiences a breakthrough or develops an action plan. Helping create an action plan is done by powerful questioning and total attention to the client.

Clients frequently analyse these conversations after the session and gain more understanding.

On-demand life coaching cost is R600 for 6 X 25-minute sessions

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