Coaching packages

Coaching packages — On-Demand Coaching

On-Demand sessions

Coaching packages now include On-demand sessions as an alternative to structured sessions. You can learn more about these focus sessions here.

Moreover, this coaching is only 30 minutes long, focused, and cost-effective. The minimum number of sessions is six 30-minute sessions.

The cost for all six sessions is 980.00 ZAR.

Coaching packages — NLP Coaching session

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) session

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) looks very closely at human interactions and achievement; this understanding helps you ‘model’ excellence in every aspect of your life to achieve your desired outcome. One of the essential benefits of NLP is being aware of the routines, behaviours, strategies, and programs you continuously run.

I recommend at least three 45 to 60-minute sessions, although this is not mandatory.

The cost for one session is 450.00 ZAR.

Coaching services — New Insights Coaching

New Insights coaching

Perfect for business and entrepreneurship. This is a comprehensive and synergistic mix of theory and practical application guaranteed to give you abundant insights into your personal and business life.

This Internationally Accredited Coaching Programme, from New Insights, is unrivalled in terms of Quality, integrity, and Value for Money.

The cost for 13 sessions is 6500.00 ZAR — also payable over three months.

Coaching packages — Discovery session

Book your Free 30-minute conversation

I invite you to schedule a free conversation to discuss coaching packages that would best suit your needs. During this 20–30-minute conversation, we will discuss where you are and where you would like to be.

Moreover, if you want to strengthen your relationships, advance your career, or find more joy and fulfilment in your day-to-day routine, I am here to guide you.

Please NOTE: If you have already attended a Discovery session, booking again is unnecessary. It will only be deleted.

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