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The New Insights Coaching Programme

Gain clarity of purpose, achieve more

The New Insights Coaching Programme is a six-month personal development programme that is tailored to your individual needs.

The programme isn’t like those self-help books you read and put down before carrying on with life as usual!

The program is a fun and interactive learning experience.

A comprehensive and synergistic mix of theory and practical application guaranteed to give you abundant insights into your life.

This programme will work for you!

The programme offers you proven, tested and scientific techniques that have worked and continue to work for thousands of people from all walks of life, housewives to CEOs, small business owners to artists, teachers to accountants, newlyweds to retirees, you name it.

It works! As a New Insights certified coach, my goal is to uncover your path to personal freedom, self-confidence, and growth.

The coaching sessions are aimed to empower you to make the changes in your life that will see you living to your true potential.

I wish you an enlightening journey of self-discovery.

The programme can be broken down into separate units, or you can choose to undertake the entire programme.

Life coaching sessions can be arranged weekly or fortnightly to fit in with your work schedule and other commitments.

Coaching session one

Goals – the building blocks of success

In this session, we will discuss your expectations of the coaching programme.

We will explore your current situation, as well as where you would like to be.

We will then have some fun brainstorming some possible goals for your journey.

Together we will discover how to write out a compelling goal using the ‘SMERTIE’ acronym.

Finally, we will discuss the outcomes of the session by exploring what you’ve learnt.

Kick mediocrity in the butt! Smash limiting beliefs.

Coaching sessions two – four

Liberation through change

The key theme in these sessions is about to change and how liberating it can be to achieve it. In these next three sessions, we will build on the goal-setting theme of session one.

We will explore and discuss the twin motivators of pleasure and pain.

This will be an opportunity to look at the simple model of change.

The change model explains the cycle people go through when attempting to bring about a significant difference in their lives.

You will also be introduced to the surprising array of resources you already have to help you achieve your goals.

We will look at breaking goals down into more manageable milestones and small but essential action steps that can be taken.

Most importantly, we will explore one’s beliefs, how they are developed, why don’t they always serve you, and how to remove beliefs that are not empowering.

Overcome self-doubt and gain clarity of purpose.

Coaching sessions five & six

Personal rules and values

In this session, we will explore and discuss what makes people ‘tick’.

This session will look at values; we will get to the heart of what drives people and how they distinguish what is right from what is not.

Values provide a directional compass for the individual and how sometimes the compass can become ‘confused’ when there are conflicts between positive values and ‘anti-values.’

Another important concept we will cover here is that of ‘rules.’

Understanding ‘rules’ will help you realise how complicated people make it for themselves to feel good and how easy they make it for themselves to feel bad!

In session six, we will uncover your rules for feeling good and bad.

Coaching session seven

Needs and how they are met

In this session, we will explore human needs and how people meet those needs in different ways – ways that may be acceptable to some and entirely out of place to others.

We’ll discuss the ones you need to have met in your life?

Live the life you were destined for.

Coaching sessions eight-ten

Communication and perception

Session eight is an exciting session where we look at communication and projection.

We will explore and discuss the fact that our perceptions of ourselves mould our opinions of people.

We will revisit the ‘model of change’ covered in session two and then show how powerful and effective the art of communication can be in helping us achieve our goals and dreams.

It will uncover how we sabotage our interests with how we communicate as we seek to justify our inadequate actions or blame others for our shortcomings.

The question of whose responsibility is it for our change and the freedom it brings will also be discussed.

Coaching sessions eleven & twelve

Your life’s purpose

This is a great session and probably one of the most exciting and inspiring of the entire programme.

It’s here that we will be uncovering and exploring your life’s purpose.

What could be more important in life than understanding, aligning with, and living out one’s purpose!

Preceding our discussion of life purpose is the exploration of long-term goals.

Here we will be looking at some advanced techniques for setting effective ‘mega goals’ and their importance throughout your life.

Mindset coaching for a resilient and successful life.

Coaching sessions thirteen

Enjoy your breakthroughs

In this session, we will review and celebrate your milestones and breakthrough experiences.

We will discuss your achievements as well as look ahead to the future with or without ongoing coaching.

The programme can be broken down into separate units, or you can choose to undertake the entire programme.

Life coaching sessions can be arranged weekly or fortnightly to fit in with your work schedule and other commitments.


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