Happiness and vulnerability

Happiness and vulnerability

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Happiness means risking feeling vulnerable

You don’t often think of being vulnerable when you think of happiness. However, you need to be prepared to experience moments of vulnerability in order to feel truly happy and confident in your choices.

This is typically seen when, in order to be happier, people must make choices or changes. While the decisions are difficult, they will yield great dividends in the future.

If you are currently in an unhappy state and want to improve your overall well-being, prepare yourself for moments of vulnerability by looking introspectively at their association.

Expressing your true desires

Being your true self and expressing what makes you happy needs courage, especially when you are used to assimilating.

This means not being scared to state your choices and preferences.

When you stand up for your true self and what you enjoy, you run the risk of being made fun or even shunned.

That’s why it’s so important to be confident within and not worry about what others believe.

Having a strong belief and faith in your interests is one way to do this. If you’re pleased with your personal decision, then own it. Your happiness is more important than other people’s approval. You will begin to notice a change in your sense of self-worth as you begin to put yourself first.

Not being afraid to say no

Taking control of your happiness will require sacrifice or simply standing up for things that you believe in. These may be things like saying no to a heavy workload or not associating with negative people.

Saying no to be happy will place you in a vulnerable situation because you don’t realize how your actions may impact someone else. You might feel like you’re dropping someone because you’re deciding to say no. This may trigger a lot of stress and anxiety.

To overcome this put yourself first. If you compromise your happiness just to appease someone else, at the end of the day is it really worth it? Are your choices going to make you feel great? They probably won’t.

Don’t be afraid to say no when it comes to your happiness. This will enable you to make better decisions for your future and well-being.

In the process, you will also develop strong self-confidence. This also means that you won’t be struggling to live a life not designed for you. You will instead take complete ownership and control of your actions and your future.

Making hard choices

Leaving a toxic relationship or job in order to regain your happiness can bring about a host of vulnerable emotions and feelings. You may be unsure of where to begin or what steps to take next. You may not have the money or resources you need to go out alone.

Moreover, in the process of making yourself happy, you may run the danger of hurting someone else. This can result in a feeling of guilt, loneliness and regret.

Therefore, if you make difficult decisions that benefit your general happiness, it is best to go through the vulnerable phase with the hopes of becoming a stronger individual. With time, you’re going to feel glad you stuck it out making the best choice for your future.

In summary

To sum up, feeling happy is an incredible emotion with a host of benefits. Unfortunately, some hard times and hard decisions may be required in order to enjoy these benefits.

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