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13 Sessions New Insights Life Coaching – Including all printed material.

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It’s more than coaching, it’s self-investment!

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12 Sessions New Insights Life Coaching

The New Insights method of coaching is 100% dedicated to the focus of your development and growth.

There are 12 sessions, each one packed full of life-transforming information and techniques for building the life you want.

Here’s what you can look forward to in this programme:

Session 1 – Goals
Session 2 – Resources and Milestones
Session 3 – Beliefs
Session 4 – Motivation
Session 5 – Values
Session 6 – Rules
Session 7 – The Six Human Needs
Session 8 – Communication and Projection
Session 9 – Responsibility
Session 10 – Questions – The answers to everything
Session 11 – Long Term Goals
Session 12 – Purpose – The meaning in your life

Kick mediocrity in the butt! Smash limiting beliefs. Overcome self-doubt and gain clarity of purpose.
Live the life you were destined for.
Mindset coaching for a resilient and successful life.

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