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13 Sessions New Insights Life Coaching – Including all printed material.

Once you have made your purchase simply go to the Bookings page and schedule your session.

It’s more than coaching, it’s self-investment!

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13 Sessions New Insights Life Coaching

The New Insights method of coaching is 100% dedicated to the focus of your development and growth.

There are 13 sessions, each one packed full of life transforming information and techniques for building the life you want.

Here’s what you can look forward to in this programme:

Session 1 – Goals
Session 2 – Resources and Milestones
Session 3 – Beliefs
Session 4 – Motivation
Session 5 – Values
Session 6 – Rules
Session 7 – The Six Human Needs
Session 8 – Communication and Projection
Session 9 – Responsibility
Session 10 – Questions – The answers to everything
Session 11 – Long Term Goals
Session 12 – Purpose – The meaning in your life

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