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Noteworthy Footnotes

* I do not make recommendations to or advise clients regarding the continuance or discontinuance of any medication prescribed by a licensed physician. Always consult your doctor before changing any prescription medication.

* The word “depression” on this website is used as defined in Webster’s Third New International Dictionary: 2c: “the state of feeling depressed: dispiritedness, dejection.”

NLP considers the word “depression” to be a misnomer for what is essentially a range of neuro-linguistic processes marked by the active, though perhaps unwitting, use of specific metaprograms, perceptual filters, limiting beliefs, negative self-talk, negative self judgment, meta-model violations, and models of the world — all of which can be changed with NLP, without drugs, hypnosis, or years of psychotherapy.

NLP is a model of health and excellence, not of psychopathology. As such, it neither adheres to nor agrees with the psychology professions or the health insurance industry’s insistence on describing unresourceful states of mind in terms of “disorders.” For this reason, I do not diagnose either the presence or absence of any mental “disorder.” If you desire such a diagnosis, please consult a licensed psychotherapist or physician.

* As a professional Certified NLP Practitioner and New Insights Life coach, my services are “complementary and alternative health care” I am not a licensed psychotherapist or physician and I do not provide psychotherapy or any other physical or mental health service which would require a state license, nor do I hold myself out to provide such services.

* It is my opinion that NLP is a superior general model for helping people create and maintain healthy, happy states of mind and body.