Thirteen coaching sessions

Throughout the sessions, you are encouraged to explore and realise your true potential by following a process that will ultimately uncover and eliminate obstructive thinking and behavioural patterns in your life.

Through tried and trusted tools and methods, your coach will facilitate this change to empower you in a caring, supportive and inspiring environment.

Throughout the coaching sessions, there will be actions and exercises required at the end of each module. Let’s take a look at the key themes that are covered in each session.

Overview of the 13-week programme:

Each programme module is designed to continue from the previous session. This ensures you get the maximum benefit from each of the sessions key take-aways.

You should be able to complete the programme in 12 weeks. However, you will have the final say as to the rhythm and pace of each session. Session #13 is celebration time, a time for you to reflect on your amazing accomplishments throughout the coaching journey.

Each session module takes around 45 minutes to 1 hour with exercises followed by weekly challenges to apply what you learn each week.

As each session is conducted online, the programme is very flexible and adaptable, from the busiest people to those that want to invest more time per week and get the results they seek.

Your coach Mark - Coaching session one - Goal setting
Your coach Mark - Coaching session five - six - Rules and Values
Your coach Mark - Coaching session eight - ten - Communication and projection
Your coach Mark - Coaching session two - four - The Change Model
Your coach Mark - Coaching session seven - The six human needs
Your coach Mark - Coaching session eleven - twelve - Your life's purpose

Your Certificate of completion

On completion of the programme, you will receive a Certificate of commendation.

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