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7 Self-disciplined habits of successful people

7 Habits to grow your self-discipline

We’ve all seen them, those people running from one project to another; no matter what they do, they always seem to thrive.

These are individuals with outstanding self-discipline, and although this is true, they have many other traits in common too.

In addition to their achievement and drive, these individuals share seven characteristics.

They are passionate

Successful people are passionate about what they’re doing.

Self-discipline comes naturally when you really care about the task, especially, when what you are doing is important to you personally.

This doesn’t suggest that they enjoy every part of what they do because it’s often not the case.

However, they focus on the ultimate goal before them, they believe in what they are doing so much that it’s enough to drive them through the doldrums and the difficult parts to see that goal realized.

They focus on what they’re doing

Successful people switch off the cell phones, turn off the television, and shut down the browsers.

They focus entirely on the current project and remove themselves from any activity that could distract them from that task at hand.

The tiniest of decisions can have a major impact on the overall objective

They allow themselves rewards for progress

Giving yourself rewards, snacks or short breaks when you’ve made positive progress is important.

It energizes the mind and makes the task less of a burden.

They start with the greatest challenges and work down

When you begin a project you’re enthusiastic, motivated and full of.

For this reason, it’s important to take on the tougher parts of the challenge while you are fresh and motivated to charge ahead.

Save the simpler and easier stuff when you’re a little tired.

They keep their focus

You will always have decisions and choices to make.

Either you can continue to work on the project, whatever it is, or you can disregard it by doing something else.

Typically, while working on something there are always choices to be made whether the project is big or small.

Choosing to make decisions and focusing on the outcome is very crucial to the success of the project.

Keep in mind that the tiniest of decisions can have a major impact on the overall objective.

They work within their natural rhythms

Morning people aren’t going to be best overnight employees, and those who are night owls usually don’t do very well with early morning tasks.

Successful people will always take into consideration their best times for optimum performance.

Like the Nike ad, they just do it.

Successful people continually monitor their progress and growth.

Whatever they do, they remain proactive and diligent.

Successful people will continue to work on the task until the job is complete this is what makes them successful.


Struggling with productivity? Apply these seven habits to your everyday routine and make them work for you.

Apply the ones you feel are the best for you and personalize them for your specific personality.

Self-discipline is about adapting and then getting whatever you’re doing done.

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Mark Csabai is a certified New Insights Life coach and NLP practitioner. He works with clients locally and internationally. With over twenty years of experience helping people break free from negative thinking and self-sabotaging behaviour. Mark is able to facilitate deep inner changes that will ultimately sky-rocket you to the next level of your life. He will help you formulate the desired outcome to move you from where you are to where you want to be.