Simple tips to deal with worry

How to worry less.

People react differently to stressful situations, so what may trigger worry for one person may not do so for another.

Most worry about things like their financial standing, their relationship, health, ageing sickness etc.

Although you may believe it normal to feel anxious about any of these issues, the truth is worrying, for whatever reason may actually be counterproductive to your health.

The problem is, worry offers no constructive benefits to our lives it’s certainly doesn’t help in finding a solution for a given situation.

What actually begins in the mind, will eventually wreak havoc in your body.

At this point, it’s important to understand that, that your thoughts can be stronger than you.

Getting your thought-life under control will help you experience less stress and more happiness.

This will also help to stimulate the release of serotonin in your body and increasing a stronger feeling of well-being.

Here are some simple actions you can take to deal with worry.

Be aware of how you are thinking

Negative thinking will always have the upper hand on the amount of stress and worry you are experiencing.

Recognise and identify negative words, phrases and statements circulating within your mind and begin to replace them with more affirmative thoughts and ideas.

Practice relaxation techniques

When you learn to quieten your mind through relaxation and meditation, you start to recognise negative habitual patterns in your thinking.

It also helps in becoming more aware of how your thinking is counterproductive to your health.

Learn that you have a choice to follow your thoughts or not, this will give you hope that you do not have to be a victim of negative thinking.

Understand the reason for your worry

The fact that something triggered your worry requires a little understanding.

Ask yourself, why I am worried about this or that, many times we find that our worry has something to do with how we feel about the subject of our worry.

Are you going to lose your job? Maybe you are afraid of being rejected? Are you not good enough for the job?

What does this worry say about you?

Rather than just allowing yourself to become overwhelmed by these worrying thoughts, take time to analyze them in light of how you see yourself.

Stop comparing yourself with others

Much of what we worry about stems from our concern as to what others will think or say about us.

As a unique person you think differently, you have strengths, ideas and education that others do not have.

You are different, be you, learn to be authentic and live your own life.

Actions trump worry

All problems can be solved; there is not one thing that you worry about that doesn’t have a solution, nothing is permanent not even problems.

However in order to solve the problem you need to take action.

Many times we exacerbate the situation by not doing anything about it.

I hope you find these simple tips helpful in helping you take back control that was stolen by worrying.

Remember worrying doesn’t add one day to your life, and it most certainly will not solve any of the problems you are worried about.

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