9 Savvy ways to live an intentional life

Intentional living, what does it mean?

We hear a lot of talk about living the intentional life, but know little about what it is.

In short, living with a purpose and making decisions that support that purpose is living intentionally.

Most people are happy with the status quo in their lives.

Furthermore, they only take action when tragedy or disaster strikes along the way.

When living intentionally, you’re continually choosing the type of person you want to be, as well as the kind of lifestyle you want to live.

Living an intentional life means holding yourself accountable for the decisions and choices you’ve made to grow.

Here are nine practices to live an intentional life:

  1. Believe that your choices do matter. Intentional living is all about making choices that resonate with your beliefs and values.
    Making choices are usually the first steps in creating the results you want to experience. Choices determine the direction and outcome of your life.

    • The greatest power you have is the power of choice.
    • Being concerned about your past is no longer an issue.
    • You’re able to change the way you see the world and begin to live in a new way.
  2. Imagine your desired life. Do you have a dream or goal in mind? Imagine how you’d live it.
    Be daring and bold and choose to leave your limitations behind for a moment.

    • Describe your perfect day.
    • How would you be spending your time?
    • Who else would be there?
    • Where would you live?
    • What would your finances be Decide?
    • Step into it for a moment and give it some thought.
  3. Know your values. Living according to your values is a big part of intentional living. It’s not about reacting to everything in the most beneficial way.
    But more about living on your terms. To accomplish this, you will need to be intimately familiar with your values.
  4. Set specific goals for the major areas of your life. These are common areas such as finances, career, relationships, and health.
    You may if necessary, add as many categories as you need, depending on your aspirations and values.
  5. Develop habits that support those goals. Everything becomes more manageable in life with supportive practices, and intentional living is no different.
    Willpower alone is not enough and will weaken over time.
    Start with a few simple but effective habits that will help you to achieve each of your goals and begin implementing them.
  6. Choose how you spend your time. Many of us don’t give much thought to what we do each day.
    However, holding a clear vision of your dreams and values in mind is the best thing for you to do at this moment?
    Think about what you need to accomplish today? Deliberately and wilfully make choices to avoid operating on autopilot.
  7. Gain control over your impulses. Unfortunately, impulsive decisions frequently lead us in the wrong direction.
    Impulses are often habitual and related to pleasure or avoiding discomfort.
    Intentional living is about making rational decisions and following through regardless of comfort.

    • Following your impulses is the opposite of intentional living.
  8. Discard distractions. This includes all distractions, including thoughts of the past or future.
    Intention requires presence. Distractions are by definition things you shouldn’t be doing at that moment.
    Even paying your bills can be a distraction if you should be doing something more important at that time.
  9. Measure yourself. How well did you do today at living intentionally?
    What challenges did you face? Where did you fall short? What can you do tomorrow even better than you did today?

    • Learn something from each day that you can apply to the future.

Living a life, you love doesn’t happen by accident.

You choose and create your life every day instead of living by default?

Be bold and determined to choose the life you want to lead.

Make the decision to be the type of person you want to be and choose your actions accordingly.

Choose to live intentionally. It’s the most significant way to respect yourself and your life.

About Mark Csabai

Mark Csabai is a certified NLP practitioner and Mindset coach. He works with clients locally and internationally. With over twenty years of experience helping people break free from negative thinking and self-sabotaging behaviour. Mark is able to facilitate deep inner changes that will ultimately sky-rocket you to the next level of your life.He will help you formulate the desired outcome for the process of change to move you from where you are to where you want to be.