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How to escape emotional turmoil

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Emotional turmoil

Emotional turmoil can have negative effects on how we perceive, people, life and our situations.

It’s important to understand that combining the emotional and mental aspects of a person will lead to a stronger and more resilient self.

Our emotions have a way of dominating our actions and reactions, even though it’s something we try to avoid.

However, many people see emotions as a sign of weakness, and as a result, suppress or push them aside.

The fact is no matter how logical or disciplined you may be, you will always have feelings and emotions.

Consequently, it’s still possible for circumstances, situations, or people to break through to you.

What’s really important?

People who are serious about emotional and physical health place a strong emphasis on having positive emotions.

After all, what’s more important, the money you’ve made or the times of contentedness, happiness, and joy that you were able to share?

Many people tend to hide their negative feelings behind a facade of positive emotions.

Calm the emotional storm by finding your safe zone

There is no way to ignore negative experiences or simply replace them with positive ones. Unfortunately, life doesn’t work like that.

As a child, if your goldfish died, you would be heartbroken.

Your parents would simply buy you another goldfish, and while still sorrowful, it wouldn’t be long before you would forget about the tragedy.

It’s complicated

However, things become a little more complicated as you get older.

Negative experiences can create deep emotional turmoil and uncertainty in your life.

A simple argument with your spouse or girlfriend the night before will affect your entire day.

Your whole demeanor will suffer due to being angry and tired.

You won’t notice the sun shining, the beautiful trees the birds, etc.; you’ll forget the promise you made to pick up groceries on your way home.

All this, because of one negative thought/experience that has contaminated your perception of the reality around you.

Finding a safe place

It’s at this moment that you’ll realize finding a quiet and safe place will do wonders for your emotional and mental rehabilitation.

It’s not difficult to find such a place. It may be a physical or imaginary space.

Furthermore, it would be most beneficial to immerse yourself in that space.

Let’s imagine for a moment you have something substantial on your mind.

It’s just not going away, and can’t seem to shake the negative effect it’s having.

Go bowling, maybe you’ve never bowled before, no problem, just give it a go.

The idea is to become totally immersed in the game.

You’ll find your mind will wander away from those dominate negative thoughts.

Your mind will now begin to process all the new information it’s receiving.

The safe space can take many forms. It may be music, watching a movie, a person, or even an animal.

The key here is to become wholly involved in this new activity.

You may experience flashes of the negative problem in your mind.

The trick here is not to entertain the thought, simply ignore it and continue with the game.

Keep in mind that your safe place is simply a helping hand; it’s not a solution to life’s challenges.

It serves only as a temporary retreat from persistent or nagging negative thoughts.

Finding and frequenting such a place will almost instantly dispel the emotional turmoil within.

The new you

Returning from your safe zone, you’ll quickly realize you have increased energy and focus.

The emotional turmoil and conflict you were experiencing has been reduced.

You’ll begin to feel better about yourself, see more clearly, and have increased confidence.

You’ll also be more solution-focused and understand that any issue can be resolved.

The simple act of taking time to escape the harsh reality of your negative emotions will strengthen your mental health.

I would advise doing this as often as you can, even when not faced with negative feelings.

It’s a powerful and effective way to a healthier and happier you.

About Mark Csabai

Mark Csabai is a certified New Insights Life coach and NLP practitioner. Mark works with people who struggle with clarity of purpose. He helps them rewire faulty mindset patterns, so, they can live meaningful and fulfilled lives. He works with clients locally and internationally. With over twenty years of experience helping people break free from negative thinking and self-sabotaging behaviour. He will help you formulate the desired outcome to move you from where you are to where you want to be.